Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Latest "abstracts" from the development of "LIGHTHIVE"

Lighthive is Alex Haw (Atmos) interactive exhibition at the AA, London (opening early May) for which Marc Fornes & theverymany have been invited to collaborate and write an explicit generative process abble to automatate the shape grammair of most of the 1500 components required to map the exisitng light condition within the AA building.

Each of those "3D star" component is an assembly of two 2D star which can be unrolled and laser cut flat onto thick sheet of acrylic.

INPUT (rhinoscript)
-get the 3D model of the AA school as a set of closed polysurface (each polysurface is one room including the boolean of the furnitures)
-get all the light source modelled at their scaled position as a point (color according to light type)

PSEUDO CODE: at the scale of the phenotype, here the 3D model of the school:
- for every pt (lightsource) do
- if pt is within closed polysurface do
- create two planes through each light (orthogonal to each other)
- for each plane do
- intersect plane and polysurface
- for each intersection curve do
- if pt is within curve do

COMPONENT: at the scale of the component "genotype", the challenge is to allow replication, proliferation while developping fondamentales genetic modifications such as custom amount of "spikes", each of those "spikes" having custom lenght, some "spikes" being able to bundle according to neighbourhood condition, etc, etc...

Those components are not displaying any swarm behaviour or collective intelligence, neither is based on dynamic feedback... BUT the generation of each "spike" is following a so long list of rules (possible target tests, few distance tests, many angle tests, etc, etc...) and possible branching transformations according to which there are able to develope and mutate... sometimes up to the point of displaying extreme behaviours impossible to expect... once more "very many" allows or describe a blurry boundary between "automatisation" and Emergence... between Repetition and Intelligence? blurry...

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