Sunday, July 15, 2007


Small utility following on a previous experiment "mapping for tailoring" which would split a surface according to Angle anaylis or curvature analysis...

Update : developpment of a generic Rainbow color gradient function according to a a list of pre-set colors - the function is allocating a color gradient according to the number of colors and the order of the defined colors placed into the list...
next step is to deelopped the blending part...

- subdivide nurbs surface either as point set or polysurface
- calibrate reference vector
- for each surface/points measure angle vector to normal

Extended option (yet not optimal in terms of speed)
- for each angle contour areas, check if subsurfaces are sharing an edge
- if yes delete both edges
- join left boundaries as "angle contour lines"
- split surface

EXTEND: (ie wikipedia)

CALIBRATION: Calibration refers to the process of determining the relation between the output (or response) of a measuring instrument and the value of the input quantity or attribute, a measurement standard. In non-specialized use, calibration is often regarded as including the process of adjusting the output or indication on a measurement instrument to agree with value of the applied standard, within a specified accuracy. (...) Calibration also can refer to judgments made by a prognosticator, for example, a weather-forecaster who states that "there is an 80% chance of rain today," if properly calibrated, will say this on precisely 80% of the days during which it rains.