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Currently working in parallel on many projects/collaborations while being temporally delocated back and forth to Europe (currently in Paris) - here is a fast furious post to log on three future events I will be participating within the coming two weeks: MIND08 (New York), SIMAE (Barcelona), NODE08 (Barcelona)


- MIND08 Design and the Elastic Mind Symposium (New York)

Marc FORNES & SKYLAR TIBBITS will be giving a talk entitled "Partly surface";

Friday, April 4 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Parsons The New School For Design
Tishman Auditorium
66 West 12th Street, New York City

Collaboration between science and design is yielding a radical new way of visualizing, understanding, and manipulating the natural world. MIND08 is a conference, presented by Seed and MoMA and inspired by Design and the Elastic Mind, which aims to catalyze this convergence. Bringing together an eclectic group of speakers and participants, including leading scientists, designers, and architects, the conference will explore topics such as the personal genome, brain visualization, generative architecture, and collective design. MIND08 is an opportunity to interact with the ideas and thinkers transforming our visual and intellectual landscape.

"Experiments in Organic Design"
11:15 AM – 12:45 PM Introduction by Paola Antonelli and Adam Bly
- Neri Oxman - Materialecology
- Erik Demaine - Computational Origami
- Bradley Samuels - Nature and Artifice
- Skylar Tibbits / Marc Fornes - Partly Surface
- Greg Lynn - New City


- SIMAE Contemporary Techniques, New Strategies (Barcelona)

Marc Fornes / THEVERYMANY will be giving a talk (Friday April 11th)

2008 International Architecture Symposium
9-11 April 2008

Everything we see and witness around us is affected by technological progress and the force of social issues, especially the economic factors of our times. We have experienced fundamental, irreversible changes in a myriad of contexts: globalization, the technological and digital revolution, and new production systems, with delocalization to other continents, and their subsequent increase in purchasing power. These changes even affect the delicate balance of our ecosystem.

SPEAKERS (Friday 11th)
Denis Dollens ( EXODESIC / Santa Fe Art Institute )
Frederic Fol Leymarie ( University of London, UK )
Alvin Huang & Alan Dempsey ( Future Systems Architects, UK )
Marc Fornes ( THEVERYMANY, USA )
Joan Guash ( RDI, Grans Projectes ASCAMM )
Alberto Estevez ( Director Ma Arquitectura Biodigital EsArq_UIC )

Bernard Cache ( Objectile, France )
Evan Douglis ( Chairman, Pratt School of Architecture, USA )
Ali Rahim ( University of Pennsylvania PennDesign, USA )

Moderated by Evan Douglis
Special Guest: Alejandro Zaera ( FOA, UK )


- NODE08 (Frankfurt)

THEVERYMANY ( Marc Fornes & SKYLAR TIBBITS ) will be giving a talk entitled "Explicit&Encoded" and setting up "APERIODIC VERTEBRAE v2.0";


NODE08 is dedicated to the arts of digital media. Whether its about media art, controlling lighting systems, interactions with the real world, synaesthetic experiences or video projections into 3d spaces – either way, software becomes the central working media. The focus of this event lies in the workshops and speeches in which artists, designers, architects and the technical minded share their knowledge and works by means of various exhibitions and situations with the Luminale audience. Meet renowned artists from all over the world and developers who – inspired by the many possibilities – realize a great deal of their projects employing the software project vvvv, which started out in Frankfurt am Main.

Symposium moderated by Eno Henze at the Velvet Club
(Weissfrauenstrasse 12-16, Frankfurt)

Joreg + Sebastian Gregor + Sebastian Oschatz + Max Wolf
Paul Prudence (
Berthold Scharrer "SINE Matters - computed geometry in architecture"
Herbert W. Franke "Grafik aus dem Computer - Auf dem Weg zum Cyberspace"
Casey Reas ( "FORM + CODE"
What are the relationships between code (computer programs) and visual form? This presentation is centered around seven themes: What is Code?, Computers and Form, Repetition, Transformation, Parameters, Visualization, and Simulation. Using these themes as a foundation, the history of procedural and algorithmic work is discussed through examples from visual design, art, and architecture.
Mark Fornes & Skylar Tibbits (THEVERYMANY) "Explicit & Encoded"
Regine Debatty ( "Genetically Modified Art"
Verena Kuni - "back to the future".

Saturday, March 08, 2008


RECURSIVE SERIES (update 080308)

SIDE_TRACK ON RECURSION: "Droste effect" (
The Droste effect is a Dutch term for a specific kind of recursive picture[1], one that in heraldry is termed mise en abyme. An image exhibiting the Droste effect depicts a smaller version of itself in a place where a similar picture would realistically be expected to appear. This smaller version then depicts an even smaller version of itself in the same place, and so on. Only in theory could this go on forever, practically it continues only as long as the resolution of the picture allows, which is relatively short, since each iteration exponentially reduces the picture's size. It is a visual example of a strange loop, a self-referential system.

I am just back from the smartgeometry conference 2008 hosted within the Coop Himmelblau BMW building in Munich (Germany) - even more than during the last year event in New York the historical consensus within the founding partner of the event on the specific platform sponsoring the event is definitively re-questioned - hopefully that artificially maintained monopole (clearly understood as a funding issue) will shift in the next venue toward a much larger agenda on the use of computation within the field of architecture - anyway many interesting work presented - sustainability and solar gain are definitively the hot topics...

to all the many people I have met through the conference keep in touch...

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